What to Expect?

Best practices in misconduct prevention.

This short course is an introduction to how to create a clear code of conduct and train the professional staff on misconduct prevention. It also covers how to address concerns and how to facilitate congregation openness about past violations.

Course curriculum

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  • 2

    Clergy Sexual Misconduct - Definitions and Effects

    • Clergy Sexual Misconduct - Definitions and Effects

    • A. Preventing Sexual Harassment

    • B. Baylor University Study and Videos

    • C. Exercise #2: Journal Reflection

  • 3

    Sexual Misconduct Prevention

    • A. Attraction and Boundaries

    • B. Dealing with Attraction to and from Congregants

    • Pastor Attracted to Congregant Case Study

    • Exercise #3: Discussion

    • Congregant Attracted to Pastor Case Study

    • Exercise #4: Journal Reflection

  • 4

    UUMA Code of Conduct and Guidelines

    • UUMA Code of Conduct and Professional Standards

    • A. UUMA Code of Conduct on Sexual Relationships

    • B. Deborah Pope-Lance Berry Street Lecture

    • C. Exercise #5: Journal Reflection

    • D. UUMA Standards for Pursuing a Relationship

    • E. Exercise #6: Counseling a Colleague

  • 5

    VI. Online Scavenger Hunt

    • Exercise #7: Online Scavenger Hunt

  • 6

    VII. Final Assessment

    • Exercise #8: Preventing Clergy Sexual Misconduct Final Assessment

    • Exercise #9: Essay Question

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    The course was designed by religious professionals and sexuality experts.

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    There are over 15 exercises to help you develop a deeper understanding of sexuality issues.

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